Saturday, April 29, 2017

‘Clueless’ GOP wants to exempt itself from health care reform

Posted April 26, 2017 10:42 AM by Chris Pandolfo

How many times have conservatives criticized Democrats in Congress for exempting themselves from feeling the full effects of Obamacare?   Well, now Republicans in Congress have done the same thing, exempting themselves and their staff from the effects of their own proposed health insurance legislation.

The GOP’s proposed reforms to the Affordable Care Act will permit states to apply for waivers to repeal Obamacare regulations driving up the cost of premiums — regulations like the essential benefits mandates and community rating requirements. The tentative proposal is a compromise between the Freedom Caucus conservatives who want to see Obamacare fully repealed and the party moderates who want Obamacare regulations to remain in place. On the face of it, the idea is “if you can’t fix it, federalize it.” But the GOP plan won’t fix anything......To Read More.... 

My Take - Well, there's a reason why the Republicans are called "The Dumb Party". 

Freedom Caucus tried its best, but Obamacare bill is still lousy
Daniel Horowitz
The waivers will do little to bring down the cost of health insurance.

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