Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Liberals 'Don’t Understand What’s Happening in the Country'

Hillary Clinton and others of her ilk never understand what's happening in the country.

Christopher Chantrill

In the bonfire of the vanities that is the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s campaign of 2016 one quote from Shattered, the book of the week, stands supreme.  [C]lueless Hillary Clinton... to a close friend, “I don’t understand what’s happening in the country.”    People like Hillary Clinton won’t understand what is happening to the country until they carve out the cataracts in their eyes that prevent them from seeing what their politics hath wrought.    And it is pretty obvious that the same applies to the rest of elite liberaldom.   The political movement that built the welfare state and the administrative state and the liberal cultural hegemony is going on the rocks, and liberals can’t believe it.

The political movement that gave us Reagan and won the Cold War is also on the rocks. But we conservatives are not that shocked that good old gentlemanly libertarian conservatism is done. We conservatives went through our five stages of grief in the year between the Descent of Trump and the nomination of Trump, and now face the world without illusion.   Unlike liberals, still hysterically sobbing in their liberal safe space.      More........ 

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