Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy Earth Day, Happy Science Day, Happy Liberal Crazy Day

By Joe Messina April 26, 2017

This last Saturday was Earth Day. It all started back in 1970 to bring awareness to what damage humans have done to the earth over the billions of years we have been here (or not).   This “movement” led to the making of the demonic EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency.

I say demonic not because I don’t think the planet needs protecting at all but because the Gestapo-style tactics of the EPA hurt many business who really didn’t deserve it. They could have worked a little better at helping businesses get in line with the laws.

Somewhere along the way Earth Day was turned into a “March for Science!” WHAT? A March for Science? I just happened to be in Pasadena while a group of young people were very excited about participating in this march. As it happened I was waiting to cross the street with a group of giddy girls with the signs and pom-poms in support of “science”..........   Please stop issuing false news from someone who has made millions off his climate fear mongering and a self-identified “science guy.” You might as well get science reports from Bozo the Clown!

Long live Nancy Pelosi!....To Read More....

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