Saturday, April 29, 2017

What Ivanka Should Have Said Upon Being Booed in Germany

Ben Stein

So I see that Ivanka Trump was booed and jeered at a gathering of power women in Germany a few days ago. She responded with her customary politesse. But as I thought about it the consciousness came to me that Ivanka Trump might have been more assertive. She might have said, “I am a person, just one person, and as just one person you can treat me as you wish. But I am a Jew. My husband is a Jew. We are Jews and we are Americans and I am here at the request of the President.

Your ancestors murdered six million of my fellow Jews and killed hundreds of American prisoners of war. Nevertheless, when the war ended, America fed your ancestors, gave them medical care. We funded the rebirth of German industry. We kept a large force in Germany to protect you from the Russians for 72 years and we paid for it even as Germany grew rich. So I don’t think I’ll listen to your jeers any longer. And I’ll tell my father that you don’t need us any more and we surely don’t need you.”

But she was more polite than I am.

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