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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Review: Cracking Big Green To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money Machine

By Rich Kozlovich

Cracking Big Green To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money Machine was written by Paul Drissen and Ron Arnold.   By way of openness, I know Paul Driessen, I've been in communication with him for some years, and I have had communications with Ron Arnold – both whom I've admired and respected for years. 

I’ve believed those opposing these ‘green’ agendas have won the battle of facts.  They always have.  Those supporting these ‘green’ issues win the battle on emotion.  They always have.  In order to win the war means winning the battle of facts and emotion.  This book does that.
In order to understand any issue means understanding the history of that issue, and this is clearly demonstrated.  The green movement started out with people with good intentions but it didn’t take long for it to be corrupted to what it is now, and the authors clearly show how this was done and by whom.   They show how and why extremely rich people and foundations fund these groups to amounts of money that can only be considered amazing.  They show why no trade association in the nation can stand against them financially.  
These bureaucracies openly and illegally flaunt legislation and even court orders, while demanding the strictest interpretation of law by everyone they oppose while ignoring clear violations by those they support.   The green movement and their allies in government are in cahoots in order to gain authority the legislature never intended for these agencies to have, via sue and settle lawsuits, and behind the door closed deals with the most important green groups, which would normally be illegal under the “Administrative Procedures Act.”
This book shows how the greens have not only infested government and science, but every aspect of life, including religion, where they formed a group called Interfaith Power and Light that “dutifully disparaged coal and oil as “fuels from Hell”, while praising costly wind and solar schemes as “fuels from Heaven” – without mentioning the “godly” energy sources’ extravagant and not-so-divine federal subsidies, or their less than ecological impacts on birds, bats and other wildlife.”  And then there’s the “Office of Faith- Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the EPA”, and more. 
This isn’t just here in the U.S. Their abuses are a worldwide activity, showing complete contempt for humanity and the lives they’re destroying.  This gives lie to their continuing smoke screen that what they do is “for the children”.  What they really do is “to the children".  This book names names and outlines events and describe how they occur.  Events that have at time been reported in the media, but mostly largely unreported, going on for decades - and most importantly the outcome of those events. 

The intent of the authors is to state the facts and let those facts outrage our natural sense of justice.  It does.  This is a book that needs to be read by every honest regulator, legislator, industry trade association member, every journalist and most importantly.  The public!  

Cracking Big Green: To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money can be ordered here from Amazon. 

Author Biographies:

RON ARNOLD is an author , columnist and citizen activist working with non-profit organizations to uphold American rights and liberties, advocate for productive harmony between man and nature, and counter threats to open and responsive government. He is executive vice president of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and publishing editor for CFACT, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, non-profit public policy institutes with long track records of education and positive influence. He writes a weekly column for the Washington Examiner with insider views on national and local social and political issues. Arnold has written more than 300 magazine articles, numerous book chapters, and is the author of eight books and editor of ten books.

Between 1976 and 1981, he was a contributing editor of Western Conservation Journal and Logging Management Journal, where his 1979 magazine series, “The Environmental Battle”, won the American Business Press 1980 Editorial Achievement Award in a New York City ceremony. In 1981, Arnold was commissioned to write the authorized biography of President Ronald Reagan’s first Interior Secretary, James G. Watt. His growing political expertise brought an invitation to direct the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise in 1984, where he remains Executive Vice President. He subsequently founded the Free Enterprise Press to give a voice to writers on politically incorrect themes and edited ten of the Press’s books.

In 1988 he founded the Wise Use Movement to advocate for property rights and resource workers. His own highly acclaimed books on politics and the environment were distributed by Merril Press, which quickly became his publisher. His “EcoTerror” was included in the “100 Best Nonfiction Books of the 20th Century” Random House / Modern Library Reader’s List. His activism has been reported in major print media including Time, People, U.S. News & World Report, Outside, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune , San Francisco Examiner and Los Angeles Times, and profiled in Playboy and Maxim magazines. He has been featured on CBS News 60 Minutes, ABC News Nightline, Fox News Big Story, and the evening news of all U.S. TV networks. He was first listed in Who’s Who in America in the 2000 edition, and has been listed in Who’s Who in Business and Industry since 1994. He is profiled on an Amazon Author Page, and is profiled in Wikipedia, the Online Encyclopedia.

PAUL DRIESSEN is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), public policy institutes that promote environmental stewardship, the enhancement of human health and welfare, and personal liberties and civil rights.

He writes and speaks frequently on the environment, energy and economic development, malaria eradication, climate change, human rights, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. His articles have appeared in newspapers (Wall Street Journal, Washington Times , Investor’s Business Daily, New York Post , Houston Chronicle, and others) and magazines (Risk Management, American Coal, Hispanic Times and others) and on news and opinion websites in the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Peru, Venezuela, South Africa, Uganda, Bangladesh and other countries. Driessen’s book, Eco-Imperialism: Green Power - Black Death, documents the harm that restrictive environmental policies often have on poor people , especially in developing countries, by restricting their access to life-enhancing modern technologies . It is in its second US printing and has also been published in Argentina (Spanish), India (English), Germany (German) and Italy (Italian). He was editor for Energy Keepers - Energy Killers: The new civil rights battle, by CORE national chairman Roy Innis; Rules for Corporate Warriors: How to fight and survive attack group shakedowns, by Nick Nichols; and Creatures, Corals and Colors in North American Seas, by Ann Scarborough -Bull. He has also written detailed reports on the role of carbon dioxide in enhancing plant growth, modern mining methods in Peru, sustainable development, and Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Driessen’s studies and analyses have also appeared in Conserving the Environment (Doug Dupler, editor), Resurgent Diseases (Karen Miller, Editor) and Malnutrition (Margaret Haerens, editor), all part of the Thomson-Gale “Opposing Viewpoints” Series used in many high schools and colleges; Redefining Sovereignty: Will liberal democracies continue to determine their own laws and public policies, or yield these rights to transnational entities in search of universal order and justice? (Orin Judd, editor); and other publications. He played a lead role in the “Kill Malarial Mosquitoes Now ” campaign, an international effort that restored the use of DDT to African and other malaria control programs, and served as an advisor to the film “3 Billion and Counting,” examining how environmentalist and EPA campaign against DDT have had devastating impacts on families in poor developing countries.

Paul received his BA in geology and field ecology from Lawrence University and a JD from the University of Denver College of Law, before embarking on a career that also included tenures with the United States Senate, U.S. Department of the Interior and an energy trade association. He has produced documentary films about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, immigration through Ellis Island, and marine habitats beneath offshore oil production platforms. Driessen is also a frequent guest on radio talk shows and college campuses, and at business and public policy forums. He participates in energy, health and environmental conferences, and was active in the Public Relations Society of America, where he served as Washington, DC chapter newsletter editor and in the Social Responsibility Section.).


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