Sunday, August 19, 2012

EPA is to the Environmental Movement as Sinn Finn is to the IRA.

By Rich Kozlovich

I came across a great article by Rick Manning entitled, "What is the EPA hiding?" that I thought should be shared as a separate posting. In this article he states:
"The Environmental Protection Agency has been a lightning rod for controversy during the Obama Administration as they have pushed the applications of the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act to their limits in seeking to control all land use across the nation. One area that hasn’t received as much scrutiny… the Agency’s escalation of sue and settle cases to change the law through federal court decree operating hand in hand with radical environmentalist groups that are willing participants in the scam.

Numerous media reports have focused upon the revolving door between the EPA and various environmentalist groups with hundreds officials reportedly moving back and forth between environmental agencies and those that lobby them.....And it is these very relationships that are at the heart of the sue and settle controversy enveloping the Obama Administration. Here is how it works:

An organization sues the EPA demanding that they apply the law in a new, expanded way that increases the agency’s jurisdiction. The EPA, rather than defending the actual law, enters into a contractual relationship known as a consent decree with the party who filed the original lawsuit. A judge signs the consent decree without review, since the two disputing parties are in “agreement.” And the EPA suddenly has expanded powers to wield its enforcement cudgel against people and job creators who were previously outside their grasp.

Shockingly, U.S. taxpayers are then required, under federal law, to pay off the attorneys of the organization which engaged in this power grab"
For those who don’t remember Sinn Fein they were a political party formed in 1905 in an effort to secure Irish independence. Later they became known as the legal arm of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), which was formed as a military solution to bring about independence, including conducting guerrilla warfare, and are now considered a terrorist organization.

Is it a stretch to link the EPA with Sinn Fein? In reality there are differences, but in practical terms the answer is no. The green movement has been responsible for more death and dystopia than the IRA could have ever imposed on Ireland and England, and the EPA has been the legal arm that gave it money, support, permission and encouragement. As an afterthought; perhaps it isn't fair to compare the EPA to Sinn Finn.

The EPA is worse.


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