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Project: Green Foundations

By Rich Kozlovich

As this progresses there will be commentary after the links I will have selected. Some will be positive and some negative. As for now I wish to merely demonstrate how much is out there and what views are being expressed. Please enjoy the variety listed below.

Project: ddt

Living Sanibel: Snail Kite
Island Reporter
The DDT ban and the restoration of apple snail habitat resulted in a dramatic rebound. Estimates today put the snail kite population at well over 1000 birds and growing. During extremely dry years snail kites, like wood storks, will forgo breeding ...

Project: Clean Air Act

Does Utah have the political will to make tough pollution choices?
Deseret News
"The Utah citizenry must remember that any improvement in air quality over the last decades was due to the threat of the Clean Air Act," said Terry Marasco, a member of the Utah Clean Air Alliance. It raises the question: Does Utah have the political ...

Project: Clean Water Act

City girds for battle in water warWorcester Telegram
Mr. Moylan said reform of the 40-year-old Clean Water Act is long overdue because federal and state governments have “taken a walk” on helping to pay for costly water-quality improvements ordered by federal and state regulators. He said they often ...

Pebble Watershed Risks Now In Hands of EPA Science
The Agency says that under the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972, it has the responsibility to protect the nation's waterways. In fact E.P.A says that 13 times in the past, it has vetoed big industrial projects by invoking the Clean Water Act. The most ...

'Save the Worms' Campaign to Cost County Taxpayers
In 1996, the Commonwealth of Virginia made submissions to the EPA under the Clean Water Act that were objected to by the American Canoe Association as being inadequate. When the American Canoe Association subsequently filed suit, the EPA decided ...

New EPA Guidance for Combined Sewers Draws Mixed ReviewsCircle of Blue WaterNews
Last summer, for instance, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District signed a record $US 4.7 billion Clean Water Act settlement to reduce the amount of raw sewage and polluted surface runoff entering local waterways. Since 1998, more than 40 ...

 Portable Infrared Analysers Help Ensure Compliance with Oil in Water Effluent ...International Environmental Technology
On-shore industrial wastewater producers also have limits imposed either by the wastewater treatment facilities or by government regulations such as the US Clean Water Act (CWA) or the EUs Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC). Excessive ..

Great Comment from Worceter Telegram OnlineFly Rod & Reel Magazine (blog)
Now Moylan is telling the city to "gut the Clean Water Act." Good luck with that. Bob just keeps digging deeper and deeper. -----. Truth Be Told wrote: Moylan's stating data USGS provides to EPA is faulty? Doubtful. His crew of twits want waived ...

POLI-TICKER: DIA now open free for tricounty residents, six make circuit court ...Dearborn Press and Guide
The changes can be enacted without the assistance of the department's unionized workers because a U.S. District Judge told city officials last year that they could ignore most regulations to meet requirements mandated by the federal Clean Water Act.

Clean Water Act's anti-pollution goals prove ellusive as polluters are ...By Robert McClure and Jason Alcorn, InvestigateWestwith Bonnie Stewart, EarthFix Beside Seattle's notoriously polluted Duwamish River, an excavator scoops ...

City urged to fight Clean Water Act - Worcester Telegram & Gazette ...The city's public works chief is calling on it to join the U.S. Conference of Mayors in pushing for changes in the 40-year-old Clean Water Act.

Project: Endangered Species Act
Aquatic life on the brink: Imperiled aquatic ecosystems in the Southeast
In 2010, the Center for Biological Diversity and several southeastern conservation groups filed a petition asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for Endangered Species Act protection for 404 species in the Southeast. The petition included 81 ...
Los Angeles Group seeks protection for California's Great White Sharks
Channel 6 News Online
There are about 2015 species listed under the federal Endangered Species Act. Of these, roughly 1400 are found in part or entirely in the U.S. and its waters. Fish on the list include certain salmon and sturgeon populations, and the largetooth and ..
Steller sea lion dies at Mystic Aquarium
Ct Post
... from Vancouver Aquarium in 2002. At 2000 pounds, he was a tremendous ambassador to his species and a favorite among Mystic Aquarium guests for his size and exuberant personality. Steller sea lions are protected under the Endangered Species Act.
Feds to kill endangered wolf in New Mexico
Summit County Citizens Voice
After a decades-long wolf extermination program in the United States and Mexico carried out by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, passage of the Endangered Species Act in 1973 led to the rescue and captive breeding of the last five Mexican wolves in ...
A Champion for the Species
ABQ Journal (subscription)
At a time when critics of the Endangered Species Act chafe at its restrictions on human activities that could harm federally designated habitat, Ashe praised Turner for pioneering a “21st century model of conservation” by enthusiastically partnering ...
Meet Earl
Annapolis County Spectator
Wood turtles are a species at risk: they are designated as vulnerable under the Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act and threatened under the Federal Species at Risk Act. They are likely to become endangered if nothing is done to reverse the factors ...

Project: Sustainable Development

Sustainable development for flood-resistant Manila: Rainwater Catchment ...
Blog Watch Citizen Media (blog)
I would like to thank Feanne who is helping me find solutions for a sustainable development for flood resistant Manila. I just cannot accept our fate that Manila will continue to flood every year. Perhaps the new normal is heavy rainfall but it does ..

UAE council to develop green financing plan
Trade Arabia
In line with its commitment to the UAE's vision of a 'Green Economy for Sustainable Development,' the Council's dedicated task forces are discussing various aspects that will promote the development of sustainable built environments. For the green ...

'Poverty eradication the greatest global challenge'
Trinidad Guardian
The UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) also called Rio+20, was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 20–22. Rio+20 commemorated the 20th anniversary of the landmark Rio World Summit of 1992 and the tenth anniversary of the ...

UN leader kicks off new initiative for ocean sustainability
Korea Times
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched Sunday a new initiative to promote the sustainable development of the oceans, urging the world to achieve "healthy oceans for prosperity." The new Oceans Compact aims to bring all U.N.-linked organizations ...


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