Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project: Green Foundations

By Rich Kozlovich
This month I am launching Project: Green Foundations.  I will be linking articles regarding issues that have been foundational to the very existence of the green movement, especially DDT. The ban on DDT was the beginning of their power and their money.  The green movement worldwide takes in more than 60 of the world's nations. 
As you read these articles please pay attention to the all their solutions; ban things that have saved lives; stop things that improve lives; obfuscate reality; use the system to prevent any development of any kind through the courts; but most of all; create a bigger, more intrusive, tyrannical government through regulations that are in direct violation of our Constitutional rights with bureaucrats determining how they are to be enforced.  They are now the Fourth Branch of Government; and they are out of control!
With the help of these government agencies the green movement hopes to accomplish here, and the rest of the world,  what they imposed on the third world; dystopia. Green is the serpent in the garden; promising Godless utopia, while delivering hopeless dystopia; and they know it.  They are now the binding force of the world wide socialist movement; whose goal is to establish a worldwide tyrannical Marxist government under the auspices of the United Nations.   
I will be focusing on DDT, Clean Water Act, the Clear Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, alternative energy, global warming and two of the most insidious greenie schemes of all; Sustainable Development and Agenda 21!
Initially I intend to just add linked articles that are both pro and con. Later I will state adding my own comments. At this point I just wish to make everyone aware of the overwhelming amount of misinformation that is touted daily.
 Project: Sustainable Development

New York: UN launches sustainable development network for global problems
Afrique en Ligue
Sustainable development network - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Thursday launched a new independent global network of research centres, universities and technical institutions to help find solutions to some of the world's most pressing environmental ...

Time for ATPS indaba in Addis
The Swazi Observer
In the same vein, the recent Global Green Growth Summit held in South Korea, re-echoed the collective voice of global leaders that “technological innovations will be central to the creation of a new and more sustainable development paradigm”. Many ..

World Bank, UN Join Forces To Tackle Global Challenges
Leadership Newspapers
The World Bank and the United Nations have agreed that they will work more closely in addressing global challenges, including sustainable development, health and education. In his meeting with Kim Jim Yong, the new President of the World Bank, during ...

Dr. Olukayode Omotunde and his wife, Esther, hope to ship medical equipment this fall that they've collected and stored in Park River, ND, to Nigeria where the couple has started Sustainable Development for the Underprivileged, a non-profit ...

Ghana News Agency
10, GNA – Ghanaians have been urged to ensure a sustainable management and rehabilitation of the country's bamboo and rattan resources to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. The Programme Officer of the Bamboo and Rattan ...

The Age
They want snapper, whiting and flathead,' says Patrick Hone, the executive director of the federal government's Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC). Snapper. Smells fishy .... "Australians only want to eat fillet steak when it comes ...

The IOC to make independent assurance of sustainability mandatory for all future Games. - The London Legacy Development Company to maintain a strong focus on jobs and employment to promote sustainable local communities. - Olympic and Paralympic ...

The Standard Digital News
 The just concluded Africa Leadership Convention shed light on a number of critical issues that must be addressed by the continent's political and business leadership to achieve sustainable development. The convention held in Mombasa and officially ...

Power Engineering Magazine
But the AidData database provides a more complete picture of development finance flows, which makes Tierney and Parks less sanguine about the prospects for environmental sustainability in developing countries. The point of this book is to change how we ...

UN launches sustainable development network to help find ...
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today launched a new independent global network of research centres, universities and technical institutions to ...

UN Chief Announces New Sustainable Development Initiative
U.N. Chief Announces New Sustainable Development Initiative - Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon Thursday announced the launch of a new independent glob.

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