Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project: Green Foundations

By Rich Kozlovich
This month I am launching Project: Green Foundations.  I will be linking articles regarding issues that have been foundational to the very existence of the green movement, especially DDT. The ban on DDT was the beginning of their power and their money.  The green movement worldwide takes in more than 60 of the world's nations. 
As you read these articles please pay attention to the all their solutions; ban things that have saved lives; stop things that improve lives; obfuscate reality; use the system to prevent any development of any kind through the courts; but most of all; create a bigger, more intrusive, tyrannical government through regulations that are in direct violation of our Constitutional rights with bureaucrats determining how they are to be enforced.  They are now the Fourth Branch of Government; and they are out of control!
With the help of these government agencies the green movement hopes to accomplish here, and the rest of the world, what they imposed on the third world; dystopia. Green is the serpent in the garden; promising Godless utopia, while delivering hopeless dystopia; and they know it.  They are now the binding force of the world wide socialist movement; whose goal is to establish a worldwide tyrannical Marxist government under the auspices of the United Nations.   
I will be focusing on DDT, Clean Water Act, the Clear Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, alternative energy, global warming and two of the most insidious greenie schemes of all; Sustainable Development and Agenda 21!
Initially I intend to just add linked articles that are both pro and con. Later I will state adding my own comments. At this point I just wish to make everyone aware of the overwhelming amount of misinformation that is touted daily.
Project: Endangered Species Act
Feds set aside 50635 acres to protect endangered Colorado flowers
Denver Post
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that two Colorado wildflowers found only on and around the Roan Plateau and South Shale Ridge now have threatened status under the Endangered Species Act. They include Parachute penstemon, also known as ...
Steller sea lion dies at Conn.'s Mystic Aquarium
At 2000 pounds, he was a tremendous ambassador to his species and a favorite among Mystic Aquarium guests for his size and exuberant personality. Steller sea lions are protected under the Endangered Species Act. end of story marker. © Copyright 2012 ...
Environmental Law Institute Discusses Protecting Endangered Sea Life
The Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act require compliance in 3 million square miles of ocean in U.S. waters, and the use of trade barriers to protect species in international waters. Panelists included: Tracy Dunn, Acting ..
Groups sue to block logging of marbled murrelet habitat in Washington
The suit, filed July 27, charges that the Interior Department violated the Endangered Species Act when it approved the logging plan submitted by the Washington Department of Natural Resources "without notifying the public, without inviting public ..
Canada Lynx kitten makes debut at Minn. Zoo
... should eventually grow to almost 29 pounds. Canada lynx have dense silvery-brown coats, ruffed faces and tufted ears. They are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The new kitten is the second lynx birth at the zoo in the past two ...
Rare Rattlesnake Advances towards Protection under the Endangered
Rare Rattlesnake Advances towards Protection under the Endangered Species Act. Desert Massasauga Rattlesnake Threatened by Habitat Loss, Human ....

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