Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Booming Toilets!

By Rich Kozlovich

I came across an article linked on Steve Milloy’s site, about toilets, entitled, Toilet system recalled due to explosion danger.  The article went on to say:
“Each time Stan Auerbach sits on his toilet, he worries it might explode."It's a little scary," said Auerbach, 78, of Delaware County. Auerbach has two toilets in his Garnet Valley home, and they're both outfitted with a powerful high-pressure Flushmate III system. In June, the Flushmate III was declared a "laceration risk." The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall notice for more than 2.3 million of the water-conservation devices after learning that 304 units had blown up. The explosions shattered the commodes, caused home flooding, and, in some cases, sent porcelain shrapnel flying."
This whole thing came about as a result of one EPA bureaucrat, that one lobbyist I know called ‘Toiletman’, who had an absolute passion for ….toilets….and how much water they used. I guess this was to be his claim to fame for ‘saving’ the planet.  After all, when all the big stuff is taken care of you have to find new 'crises' or you aren't needed and might have to go out and find a real job.  Now that is a 'real' crisis.  Especially for the poor businessman who hired him.

I would like to point out that we have perfectly good system that worked, really, really well on a really, really, really cheap power source - gravity!  Low pressure gravity at that.  Here's how it works.  If there is water in the tank and there is somewhere for the water to flow; it will work. simple can that be?  Apparently that was the problem. It was simple and it worked. Fertile ground for bureaucrats.

And of course it was sold as a consumer issue. Let's look at the tremendous cost to the consumer. The EPA estimates a family of four can save an average of $2,000 in water bills over the lifetime of the toilets. Over a life time mind you.....two thousand over a life time….wow…..two thousand over a life time…for a family of four…...there goes my retirement plan….down toilet.

Oh wait! It just dawned on me that we are only a family of two, and have been for some time. Does that save my retirement?

Then again, I did just have a thought. What if we fired all the EPA loonies?

How much less taxes would those four people in that mythical family save over a life time? I just had another thought. If we fire all these loonies and dump their loony regulations how much could I save over a lifetime then?

Especially when you consider that the cost of all these regulations runs around 1.75 trillion dollars a year, how much could that mythical family save if we cut those regulations in half….over a life time?  I would be willing to bet it would be just a tiny bit more than two thousand dollars. 

Then there is the Socialist Party in Sweden which was (maybe still is) pushing a proposal that will require men to sit down to pee.That’s going to be embarassing on the golf courses up there.   There was that loony rock star, Sheryl Crow, who wanted to make sure no one used more than one sheet of toilet paper to wipe….in order to ‘save’ the planet. And Bill Gates wants to make toilets waterless.

I just don’t understand why these lefties are so hot about toilets and what people do there.

Oh wait, I know.

We could all go back to outhouses, and chamber pots which will be dumped into containers that the ‘honeydipper’ will come along and pick up everyday (that is why they have alleys behind all the houses in the old cities by the way) but first I want to make sure this is a workable solution. Only the state of California will be required to do this...and wherever Toiletman, Bill Gates and Sheryl Crow live.

After five years we can then evaluate the outcome. So to speak.

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