Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Book Review of Brian Sussman’s “Eco-Tyranny”

Mark W. Hendrickson

In “Eco-Tyranny,” author Brian Sussman sounds a timely and important warning: The radical "greens" are not in retreat. With the defeat of cap-and-trade legislation in 2010 and the increasingly discredited alarmist theory of anthropogenic global warming, the greens may have lowered their public profile; however, with the full cooperation of the Obama administration, they are forging ahead with their illiberal agenda of gaining ever more control over the American economy and people.

Sussman, a trained meteorologist and veteran San Francisco talk-show host, has followed up his 2010 demolition of the global warming quackery, “ Climategate ," with a book that takes a big-picture view of the history, ideology, and goals of the anti-capitalist, anti-people green movement.......“Eco-Tyranny” shows how closely the American left has worked to fulfill the United Nations’ explicit plans to hamstring American prosperity, using hundreds of billions of our own tax dollars against us.  Yes, we the American taxpayer have financed the green elite’s war against efficient energy sources. Sussman includes chapters devoted to the green attacks against nuclear energy and fossil fuels, with another chapter devoted to the wasteful, uneconomical boondoggles of wind and solar energy. It is with no little irony that Sussman retells the story of President Obama denouncing oil as an undesirable source of energy from the headquarters of the now-bankrupt solar energy firm, Solyndra. Read the full article here....

Editor's Note: I read Sussman's book two months ago and wanted to do my own review....and I will with two other books, but this will do until then.  I can only say that this is a must read book for anyone with any delusions as to what the green movement really is all about.  Climate change is just another tool to force humanity under a worldwide socialist yoke controlled by the United Nations. The true leaders of the environmental movement are political gamesmen who don't believe in anthropogenic climate change any more than do I. 


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