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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama's Clone as Green Czar

August 26, 7:48 AM - LA Ecopolitics Examiner- by PAUL TAYLOR

President Barack Obama has appointed some 34 “czars” to drive policies with his cabinet heads and Democrat special interests. You will recall that “czars” were ruthless autocrats of former imperial Russia. Obama’s unelected and extra-constitutional czars are now dictating priorities in American government, and are not accountable to voters. Previous presidents back to the 1940s have appointed as many as a few dozen czar-like operatives – nowhere near the numbers heading progressive government programs of the Obama administration. Obama’s czars are paid annual salaries of $172,000, and can have ten-person staffs.

One of the most controversial of Obama’s czars is Van Jones, the green jobs czar. Obama appointed Jones in March 2009 to implement the Green Jobs Act of 2007, and to advise the White House Council on Environmental Quality. The Green Jobs Act authorizes $125 million a year for national and state programs to train workers for green jobs in future biofuel development, energy efficient buildings, renewable power, solar panel installation and energy efficient cars.

Van Jones is the “green clone” of Barack Obama. Jones is a proud legacy of urban black radicalism, a partisan community organizer, a politically-ambitious Ivy League lawyer who would transform America, a bestselling author, has two kids, etc. Jones and Obama are imperious, verbose and engaging speakers with progressive theories about how to “remake” America. Unfortunately, these ideologues are intent upon bending fiscal and technological realities to match their fanciful rhetoric. One of Van Jones’ famous quotes is, “I don’t care what the facts are.”

Here are excerpts from various Van Jones

Van Jones founded Green for All, a national organization that promises environmentally-friendly jobs. He wrote the 2008 New York Times bestseller "The Green Collar Economy" that is endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle and Al Gore. Jones’ Green for All group partners with Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection in proliferating global warming propaganda.

Jones is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress (George Soros’ massive partisan think tank), the architects and advocates of most of Obama’s policies. Jones was a founder and leader of Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement. The group, now disbanded, had Marxist, Leninist and Maoist influences. Jones admitted that he became a communist and radical after the officers accused of using excessive force on Rodney King were acquitted.

Jones was named TIME Magazine's 2008 Environmental Hero , and Jones has had progressive environmental writings published in numerous magazines and academic journals.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Van Jones co-authored Color of Change. Boasting 450,000 members, Color of Change has become the nation's largest online African-American advocacy group.

Jones is a founding board member of the National Apollo Alliance and 1 Sky, two national organizations promoting clean energy and climate solutions

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