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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Thought You Might Be Interested.

By Rich Kozlovich

There is an article which appeared in the American Thinker by Robert Ferguson this month that is worth reading called, The Real Climate Agenda. I decided to post one of his readers comments that I felt was worth repeating. Unfortunately I have no way of getting Patrick49's permission, so I hope that if he should see his work repeated here he will officially and graciously grant that permission.

Posted by: Patrick49 Aug 07, 03:50 AM

Even a cursory, honest review of the recent climate history shows global temperature peaked in 1998 according to recent observations and now despite computer projections failing to forecast a cooling phase, some experts provide an additional 10 to 20 year window for continued cooling bring the total to a 20 to 30 year of cooling in a predicted warming world. Even now we have a number of global warming advocates, including NASA, predicting an extended cooling period while their computer programs continue to predicate global warming as the CO2 increases from its present level of approximately 0.0375 percent of the atmosphere. The 3,000 Argo ocean monitors, operational since 2003, have found no ocean warming; only a slight decrease. Those environmentalist advocating to scrub 'global warming' from their vocabulary and replace it with meaningless, vague descriptions intended to confuse the public are continuing the greatest scam since Madoff made off with $50 billion.

Politicians should expand their knowledge of the science of “our deteriorating atmosphere.” nee 'global warming' and they could start by studying the 650 scientists who issued a strong dissent to the man made global warming theory in a letter to the recent UN Climate change conference held in Poland. Unfortunately anyone who opposes the computer generated doom and gloom scenarios is labeled a 'denier' or 'heretic'. There is a long list of science 'heretics', Copernicus and Galileo are two that proved to be right against a false consensus scientific belief. While Einstein and Bohr had headline grabbing civilized discussions, often described as debates, on Bohr's theory of quantum mechanics, any attempt in today's world to conduct a learned discussion of global warming, or cooling, or CO2 is met with vitriol filled attacks on men and women with impeccable scientific credentials. While paying homage to a trio of gurus of climate change, nee global warming, who are a motley crew.

  • Al Gore a non-scientists, a C university student, a divinity school dropout, a lawyer with no science studies, an majority owner/investor in a company selling 'Carbon Credits' with a vested interest in limiting CO2 for profiteering and the producer of a movie that the British Courts found to have 9 or 11 inaccuracies and could not be shown in British schools without identifying and explanation of the inaccurate
  • James Hansen, manager of the NASA department that produced incorrect temperature data for six years, 2000- 2006, more recently issued completely incorrect temperature data for October 2008 which led to headlines claiming the 'hottest October on record" and testified in an English Court that civil disobedience and destruction of property is proper to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Michael Mann, a 'scientist' who used statistical legerdemain to eradicate the medieval warm period and the Middle Age 'Little Ice Age’ to give a perfectly straight handle on his 'Hockey stick' curve which was debunked by two Canadian statistical experts but is still the centerpiece of Al Gore's movie.
Gore, Hansen and Mann would have been exposed as political hacks and scientific frauds years ago if real scientists were given a chance to be heard. The intent of the CO2 causes AGW 'Chicken Little the sky is falling' scare is to impose government control on the total energy market. To shut down a gasoline or diesel engine without stopping the fuel flow it is simple, plug the exhaust pipe and in the old days a readily available potato or corn cob could be used. CO2 is the exhaust of the world's greatest economic engine ever imagined and stopping, rationing, taxing or controlling CO2 emissions will effectively place the world's economy in the hands of politicians and environmentalist who think that ANWR is a pristine wilderness but they don't vacation there. The future is '1984' in real time with the Big Brothers in power handing out 'carbon ration cards' to control your energy choices.


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