Thursday, June 1, 2017

Voter Fraud in Virginia Verified: THOUSANDS of Illegal Votes Counted

By Andrew West May 31, 2017

Democrats love to feebly attempt to bury the realities of voter fraud by downplaying its existence, or denying that it is even possible in the first place. This has been their malignant modus operandi for some time.  By nullifying the worries of their voters by throwing a wet blanket over the very possibility of illegal votes being cast, their constituents have fallen into line behind their leaders to argue against any legislation that would make voting more accurate and enforceable.

Meanwhile, of course, republicans have been keen to the reality of this trickery for a good, long time.  Democrats spend such an extraordinary amount of time dismissing the possibility of voter fraud swinging an election simply because that allows them to employ the tactics they’ve ignored in order to win elections. 

It happens every 2 years in American politics – story after story comes out about two cemeteries’ worth of democrats helping to solidify the umpteenth term of whichever incumbent democrat was clever enough to register them without getting caught...........McCauliffe’s inability to curb illegal alien voter fraud in his state has proven once again that the inept governor is nothing more than a lapdog for the deceitful democrats..........To Read More.....

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