Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Feel the Bern: Venezuela's bishops let the pope have it

By Monica Showalter

It probably wasn't easy, but Venezuela's bishops have managed to buttonhole Pope Francis for a rundown on the facts of life in Marxist Venezuela.
At their "request," Pope Francis met Venezuela's top bishops Thursday. Discussions centered on the country's growing political unrest against a "cruelly" repressive government.
So it was the bishops who had to ask, or else they'd go unheard. That they even had to ask is evidence of how opaque the pope has been about the nightmare engulfing the retrograde communist country.  Of course, hearing this can't be a pleasure for Pope Francis.  In fact, it might be an embarrassment – he's endorsed all of the Marxist ideas that have brought the Venezuelan nation to its knees and now is being called on to denounce it......More

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