Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Democrats' long knives for Hillary starting to be unsheathed

The Clinton Machine's rivals have had enough of its fundraising hogging and manipulative, conspiratorial ways.  There are signs that a vendetta may be developing within the Democratic Party over the candidate's and the Machine's desperate refusal to take responsibility for blowing what was seen as a sure thing victory, thereby cementing the "fundamental transformation" begun by Barack Obama. Up to now, there have been a few rumblings, but over the weekend, a significant voice spoke out in vivid and memorable language.

The struggle is in the open and at a new level of specificity and bitterness. self-proclaimed communist  who served in the Obama White House and now is a CNN contributor.  He speaks for many in the party's left wing and is smart and articulate, even if misdirected.  Do not underestimate him.  He provided the most colorful and resonant attack yet on the Hillary Clinton campaign, hitting not just Hillary, but the Clinton Machine:

The Hill summarizes:......To Read More....

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