Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kasich, Colo. governor seek help

Bipartisan effort needed, pair declare  

By Tracie Mauriello, Block News Alliance

Republicans need to scrap their health care bill, Democrats need to challenge them to work together on a better plan, and governors need to play a role too.  Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper brought that message to Washington Tuesday when the bipartisan duo came together at the National Press Club ahead of the Senate’s health care vote. That planned vote was later delayed in the afternoon.

“We have a health care civil war going on,” said Mr. Kasich, a Republican. “It’s all about recrimination” by Republicans who are seeking payback from Democrats who slammed through the Affordable Care Act without including them, he said............He called his party’s proposal “unacceptable” for its lack of resources, cuts to Medicaid, and tax cuts for the wealthy.

His own approach would be to strengthen Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges, decrease the income threshold of Medicaid eligibility, guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions and allow states the flexibility to deny coverage of expensive drugs so that pharmaceutical companies will be forced to lower prices..........Mr. Kasich’s criticism of his own party was sharp. Mr. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, described it as courageous......To Read More......

My Take - I've met Kasich and I think he suffers from a serious case of weird compounded by a massive infection of hubris, and quite frankly I'm not sure if he - like Bill Clinton - isn't a 'textbook example of a psychopath since he's able to hide the real John Kasich so well.  He claims he has the right to define conservatism as he sees fit, and apparently he thinks Obamacare - one of the most left wing economically destructive paths the Democrats ever pushed onto this nation - as part of that definition. 

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