Wednesday, June 14, 2017

State Department Treason against Trump

Written by Joe Scudder

The true power and criminality of the deep state is revealed in the State Department treason that nullified Donald Trump’s orders. Patrick J. Buchanan relates a story of State Department treason that was reported by the progressivist propagandist website, The Daily Kos. Of course, The Daily Kos, had a much different interpretation of the story than Buchanan gets from it. Where liberals see heroic bureaucrats protecting us from Vladimir Putin, Buchanan sees a President who promised to keep us out of WWIII with Russia, being betrayed by his own State Department.

Buchanan uses this story as one piece of evidence in his column: “Are We Nearing Civil War?”............Of course, this State Department treason, aided by the media, wasn’t just against the President. It was also against the voters and the Constitution.

This story helps one understand other stories reported by the media as if they were scandals. For example:.........To Read More....

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