Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Czech Republic Latest Euro Locale to Buck EU Mandated Refugee Quotas

By Andrew West June 12, 2017

Terrorists from the Middle East have been exploiting the European Union’s migrant quotas for long enough, according to the Czech Republic.

As the EU continues to push their dangerous, globalist agenda on much of the continent, many citizens are demanding that their respective nations exercise their sovereignty and buck the organization’s attempts to relocate massive numbers of middle eastern migrants within their borders.

Eyeing the heinous terror attacks that have besieged France, Germany, and now England, countries such as Poland and Hungary have long defied the Union’s quote system and open border policies for these mostly Syrian refugees. Now, it seems that the Czech Republic can be added to the growing list of nations who are fed up with Europe’s controlling power mandating their adherence to this foolish practice.......To Read More.....

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