Monday, June 12, 2017

The New Media Should Drive the News Cycle

By James Lewis

I believe that the New Media deserve major credit for deconstructing the Old Media narrative. Right after James Comey's much-hyped congressional testimony, several New Media sites picked up the real news – namely, that Comey had actually outed himself as a top leaker in the Deep Government by sending his own written memo, typed on government time, on a government computer, to attack the president of the United States, with no proof of illegal or unethical behavior at all. That should have been the lead story for the New Media.

 We had the Comey leaker story, and we told the story, but it was reactive; it took the false narrative of Trump's supposed obstruction of justice as the point of departure. That seems to validate the false accusation against Trump and only pointed out its falsehoods. The Old Media don't play defense. They play offense, and let the truth be damned. The New Media are winning the battle for American minds, but they have not yet learned to actively drive the news cycle.............A vigorous offensive style by the New Media might also stiffen the spine of Republicans in Congress. It might help to guide and to be guided by the 50 million (or more) Americans who voted for Trump. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Let's not blow it. Don't copy the Olds. Drive the initiative! ........More

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