Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How Politics and Money have Corrupted Science

By Adrian Vance June 13, 2017

Since 1988 our federal government has spent over $500 billion in grants and  college-level programs promoting the concepts CO2 heats the atmosphere harmfully and is thus “pollution.”   Restrictions on coal, oil and gas have cost even more. Thankfully, green plants have not accepted this idea as 42% of their dry mass is carbon which they glean it from air where it is only 0.04%, a “trace.”  They use much water as it carries only 1.6 grams of CO2 per liter and only 27% of CO2 is carbon.

Water has become a critical problem in our economy, and an increase of CO2 in the air would reduce the amount of water used to capture it for the green plants that feed and clothe us.  We here document what our leading science association, professional and governmental bodies have to say about this issue nonetheless.

We have demonstrations CO2 does not heat the atmosphere and what of it there is in the atmosphere was held insignificant for 100 years by the American Meteorological Society until the Federal Government started giving them over $1 million most likely to “…get with the program......To Read More....

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