Monday, June 12, 2017

Kansas Republicans ditch all pretense of limited government

Chris Pandolfo June 10, 2017

In our times, Republican majorities aren’t worth the paper voters cast their ballots on. That’s the lesson out of Kansas this week, and it can easily happen in D.C.

In one swift blow, the signature achievement of a conservative administration was undone by liberal Republican lawmakers who valued increased government spending over small government and individual liberty and who wanted to distance themselves from an unpopular chief executive.

On Tuesday, lawmakers in Kansas passed a $1.2 billion tax increase that would raise income taxes and end a tax exemption on small businesses, affecting 330,000 farmers and business owners. The tax increase was a rebuke of Governor Sam Brownback’s 2012 tax cuts, which lowered income taxes and reduced some business taxes to zero in a successful effort to spur business growth.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, R, promised to veto the legislation, and he followed through on that promise. Tuesday evening, his veto was overridden.......To Read More....

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