Sunday, June 11, 2017

To Be a Leftist is to be Insane

By Rich Kozlovich

We need to stop this idea there can be cooperative bi-partisanship between liberals and conservatives. There can't because the left can't be trusted.

The word cooperate implies each will get something from the deal.  The reality has always been the left gets something and the right tells everyone how polite they were while capitulating.  All the while the left had been moving the ball down the field. It's always been a matter of planned incrementalism for the left. 

There can be no middle road any longer. Finding a middle ground with the left is what's gotten us into the economic, moral and societal mess we're in now - and with a hugely Balkanized society - of which Obama contributed heavily.  It's now a win or lose deal - and we need to get that.

The right kept thinking a Munich style deal would get "peace in our time". It won't! It didn't with Adolph Hitler, and it won't with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, or any of the rest of them.  They will always want more, and more and more, until there's nothing left to give.

The left has been at it since the late 19th century and they won't stop. And now that their dream has been shattered for a third Obama term - they've dropped the masquerade, or any pretense of polite civilized behavior.  They are now demonstrating who they really are - radical, violent and irrational madmen who hate the Constitution and America. 

Everything the left promotes is antithetical to American cultural values, which are based on Judaic/Christian principles and values, which they hate as badly as do Muslims, that's why they're temporarily on the same side. 

Their goal has always been to destroy the two things that stand between an atheistic leftist dominated and controlled world - the American economic engine, which when turned loose is like a force of nature, and the Constitution.  Please review the The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals.

Everything the left promotes has always been a failure.   Illinois and other states are going bankrupt because of adopting impossible economic schemes loved by the left....and the public employee unions.  Venezuela is destroyed and millions are starving, yet the communists ruling that nation are worth billions, including Hugo Chavez's daughter - who never had a job - and the media is virtually silent about the human disaster these corrupt leftists have perpetrated on their society.  However, it isn't just Venezuelan leftists!

The history of the 100 million murdered by the left in the twentieth century is legendary.  The left unendingly screams about human rights until they're in control - then human life means nothing to them because all they care about is power and control - for themselves.

"According to Jacques Semelin, "communist systems emerging in the twentieth century ended up destroying their own populations, not because they planned to annihilate them as such, but because they aimed to restructure the 'social body' from top to bottom, even if that meant purging it and recarving it to suit their new Promethean political imaginaire."'

History has always been the bane of the left - that's why universities have worked diligently to alter what's being taught.  If they're trying to subvert the truth, then they must know the truth.

That's history, and that history is incontestable, yet these leftists will still spew out all the same nonsense they spewed out to get these governments to adopt these flawed ideas.   Ideas that have been proven disastrous over and over again.    Everyone on the left must know that, including Bernie Sanders. 

If they know the truth, there can only be one conclusion we can draw regarding all these leftists - they're insane - otherwise there can be no excuse for their promoting the things they believe because history and reality show there's no excuse for any sane person to be a leftist. 

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