Friday, June 30, 2017

Pack Of Feral Thugs Attack Mom & Baby At Walmart — Made One Massive Mistake

Angry Patriot June 29, 2017 10:56 
 Leftists have created an environment in which criminals roam freely on our streets, preying on innocent women and children. At the same time, these die-hard liberals constantly try to get rid of our Second Amendment Rights.
Thankfully, there are still plenty of brave red-blooded Americans out there who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect innocents. This was the case with two Kansas men who defended a mom and her infant from murderous thugs–killing the criminals with a legally-owned gun...........One of the thugs, Arthur Fred Wyatt III (a very haughty name for a petty street criminal), had a gun on him (most likely illegal). He shot at the good Samaritans. He hit one of them, a 33-year-old Iraq War veteran from Missouri..........If there hadn’t been a gun-carrying honest citizen at Walmart that day, the mother and her child would most likely have died. The good Samaritans who tried to help would likely have been murdered by the assailants. It would have been a bloodbath. And the whole story would have been glossed over by the Black Lives Matter-supporting media.......To Read More....

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