Monday, June 12, 2017

After Paris: A Green Disaster in the Making in Germany

By Alex Alexiev

What Trump repeatedly promised to do during the election campaign has been done, and America is no longer part of the Paris Agreement. Predictably, the mainstream media here and across the Atlantic have again gone totally unhinged with prophesies of doom for America, the imminent demise of the Trump administration, and the inevitable rise of Germany and Chancellor Merkel as the new leader of the free world.

This may indeed be a watershed event, but not at all as the left here and there imagines it. Contrary to the fervent desires of the leftist elites, it will result not in the political collapse of Trump's America, but in the exposure of the incredible hypocrisy and ultimate weakness of the socialistic environmental schemes characterizing today's "European project." When it's all said and done, either Europe will come back to its senses in close alliance with America, or it will not have much of a future............. More

My Take - Germany was the focus point for green philosophy going back to the 1800's.  Virtually everything the left/green movement stands for now was imposed on Germany by the Nazi's, and it was done so because "green" is almost and intrinsic infection in the German character, and they will lead Europe to it's doom.  They will not recover!  Because of their leftist philosophies of environmentalism and multiculturalism they will sink into an abyss of civil war, poverty and suffering - the legacy of socialist rule everywhere and for all time. 

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