Friday, June 16, 2017

All Of A Sudden, It's Raining Genomes

By Julianna LeMieux — June 14, 2017

The sequence of an organism's genome, a staple in today's world of scientific experimentation, is as essential to scientific research as beakers. So, publishing over one thousand new bacterial genomes is like 'making it rain' to the microbiology research community.

An article entitled "1,003 reference genomes of bacterial and archaeal isolates expand coverage of the tree of life" was published this week in the journal Nature Biotechnology by an international research team led by the US Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute. This release effectively doubles the number of currently available bacterial and archaeal genomes available to researchers currently.

This work is part of the Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea Initiative (GEBA-I), which was founded by Jonathan Eisen, Ph.D. Eisen's website aims to "expand the reference genome catalog of broad phylogenetic and physiological diversity, to determine how this catalog facilitates the discovery of protein families and expands the diversity of known functions, and to ascertain whether these type-strain genomes improve the recruitment and phylogenetic assignment of existing metagenomic sequences."......To Read More.... 


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