Monday, June 12, 2017

The Murdoch Boys and the Future of Fox News

By Peter Barry Chowka

The Fake News-inspired perception that existential problems are enveloping the Trump Administration is expanding and deepening. As this questionable meme takes hold, it appears that the current toxic political climate is drawing more anti-Trump viewers to the partisan attack “resistance” programs that are playing out nightly on two of the three cable television news channels. Meanwhile, the new ratings war among the three 24/7 cable news outlets is settling into an ongoing war of attrition.

In recent weeks, the Fox News Channel (FNC), considered the most friendly to President Trump, has lost the commanding ratings lead that it held for the past decade and a half. On most – but not all – weeknights now, FNC is coming in second or third to MSNBC in prime time when the preferred demographic or “the demo” (viewers between the ages of 25 and 54) is the metric. The other anti-Trump channel, CNN, has seen its ratings rise, too, and occasionally it wins an hour or two in prime time. With the future of FNC’s iconic conservative program Hannity in doubt, the outlook for Fox News is, at best, increasingly uncertain........James’s wife Kathryn was a marketing executive and is now a dedicated environmental activist............Lachlan Murdoch’s wife Sarah is a former super model who is reportedly a close confidante of her father-in-law, Rupert Murdoch........influenced her husband and father-in-law to fire Bill O’Reilly..........

Those of us who follow the news obsessively or professionally have known for years that FNC and most other large mainstream media outlets are increasingly ancillary sources. Trusted and new online news sites, including video and podcast reporting – as well as insights obtained from monitoring previously hard to access international media – are now becoming the primary sources of information for understanding our times..............More

My Take - It's been clear for some time Fox is in trouble and it's rating are going to continue to decline.  It's clear to me ,and I think a great many of those " who follow the news obsessively or professionally", there's going to be another news station that's really conservative.  I don't like O'Reilly and I think he's a phony, but I also think there's a good chance he'll be the center piece for that network show.  MSNBC and other leftist propaganda mediums are doing well right now, but reality eventually overcomes propaganda - if there are those willing to take the propagandists on.   That's why blogs have done so well in recent years, and they will continue to do well because the parameters news bosses put on "the truth" in it's reports are non-existent. 

Truth is the sublime congergence of history and reality.  Everything we're told has an historical foundation and context.  Everything we'er told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. If what's presented to us fails in either of those categories - it's wrong.  All that's left to do is develop the intellectual response to explain why it's wrong.  And find those with the courage to do it. 

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