Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kasich's time for choosing--the Ohio budget and two paths

Buckeye Institute

In case you were wondering what the bloody h-e-double-hockey-stick is happening in the war going on tonight and tomorrow over Ohio's biennial budget, we have a timely update: Governor Kasich--by law--has until Friday to either sign or veto the final budget that was passed today before the new fiscal year begins on Saturday....

Pressure is mounting. All eyes are once again on our beloved state.

In this battle, your Buckeye Institute has indefatigably supplied the intellectual ammunition of good policy to a legislature that was set on trying to do the fiscally responsible thing.

Governor Kasich is big on making choices as to taking one of two paths, and his time for choosing has officially arrived.

There is a fiscally responsible option, which is to sign the budget, and there is a decision that would saddle our children and grandchildren with unsustainable levels of government programs and spending for generations, which is to line-item veto the waiver provisions upon which Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof heroically insisted.

Your Buckeye Institute has spoken up every chance we had--in the thick of negotiations, to the media, and publicly on the record to anyone who would listen.

There is now nothing more that we can do except cross our fingers, hope, and pray to {insert deity of your choice} that Governor Kasich returns to his fiscally conservative roots and proves how firm his friendship is to O-H-I-O.

A few hours ago, Buckeye's Executive Vice President Rea Hederman posted a new piece in The Hill explaining the Medicaid expansion and healthcare issue more fully in an article worth reading, "Ohio is blazing the trail on healthcare reform."

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, the big-government jig is up, friends.

It's time to put Obamacare down to its final resting place and lead these United States back toward freedom and prosperity.

Your call, Mr. Governor.

Let's do it! Let's put Ohio back on the map as the undisputed leader of our nation once again. Blaze that trail. Show the rest of the states how it's done by rejecting Obamacare and securing Ohio the flexibility we need to chart our own path forward in healthcare.

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