Monday, June 12, 2017

Science fights back against the global warming fraud

By Thomas Lifson June 11, 2017

It has taken far too long, but the self-correcting mechanisms of science finally are contradicting the global warming fraud. Despite billions of dollars of grants for those who support the so-called “consensus” (itself, a lie), and the fear of retaliation, scholars interested in the truth are publishing a wave of scientific papers contradicting the orthodoxy. Best of all: President Trump’s EPA chief has signaled that he sees that questioning of scientific hypotheses (and all scientific knowledge ultimately is a hypothesis, awaiting a possible correction based on new information) is legitimate.......More

My Take - No, it wasn't the self correction mechanisms of science that finally contradicted the "consensus" of the global warming fraud.  It was the bloggers of the Internet who gave voice to scientists who were vilified for their courageous stand forcing truth and reality into the public's perception until it was clear to all Anthropogenic Climate Change was blatant junk science to promote world government.  The mechanisms of science were then and still are in the hands of the junk scientists who promoted this clabber - the big difference now is - who cares?  They've destroyed their credibility forever. 

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