Monday, June 12, 2017

The Pied Pipers of the Millennials

By Christopher Chantrill

A couple of weeks ago, John O’Sullivan was confidently writing about the British Conservative Party finally getting it all together, and uniting the three strands of Toryism -- the economic freedom and enterprise of Thatcher, the nationalism of Churchill and Disraeli, and the skepticism of Peel and Lord Salisbury -- into a real political force at last. And I wrote approvingly of this prospect on my blog.

Well, so much for that. After the British General Election on June 8, we are being taught that Corbyn’s leftism is in the driver’s seat, powered by the enthusiasm of Millennials. You can see why.

Our liberal friends have been doing a great job indoctrinating Millennials into leftism in every school and university. So when the Millennials get into quasi-adulthood they get enthusiastic about real, fire-breathing lefties like Corbyn in Britain and Sanders in the U.S. Of course they do. This leftification is not universal: it is an elite phenomenon. In this piece on enthusiastic Corbyn voters, the millennials-on-the-street all seem to be students, actresses, and “charity workers” that talk in complex sentences. And they are rallying to Corbyn as the Bernie Bros rallied to Sen. Sanders, via the eternal promise of free stuff: free university education. .............More

My Take - I think this writer has hit the nail directly on the head.  Those millennials who I talk to who never went to college don't share this leftist regimen.  The solution?  Eliminate financial support for colleges and universities from the government and end student loans.  Make all of them self supporting and if they can get the alum to support them that's their business, but the central government needs to get out of the education business, and I think states need to also stop.  They're not very good at it......or much else it seems. 

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