Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Impeach-Trump Conspiracy

By Patrick J. Buchanan 9 June 2017

Pressed by Megyn Kelly on his ties to President Trump, an exasperated Vladimir Putin blurted out,"We had no relationship at all. I never met him. Have you all lost your senses over there?"

Yes, Vlad, we have.

Consider the questions that have convulsed this city since the Trump triumph, and raised talk of impeachment.  Did Trump collude with Russians to hack the DNC emails and move the goods to WikiLeaks, thus revealing the state secret that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was putting the screws to poor Bernie Sanders?

 If not Trump himself, did campaign aides collude with the KGB?........All the synthetic shock over what Kushner or Sessions said to Kislyak aside, this city’s hatred for President Trump, and its fanatic determination to bring him down in disgrace, predates his presidency.........To Read More....

My Take - Putin is a KGB thug and nothing he says is trustworthy, but by the same token - the media are so untrustworthy nothing they say can be taken at face value.  If either of them told me day was light and night was dark I would make sure to look outside for myself.  That leaves one thing and one thing only in this charade - evidence of a crime.  Where's the crime and who are the criminals?  There's no evidence of either, but it sure is good theatre, for the leftists and elites! But that's going to backfire in them in a number of ways, including exposure of the criminal activity of the Obamaites and Clintonites. 

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