Sunday, June 11, 2017

'Burden of Education' – the Next Brick in Lunacy’s Wall

By Lewis Dovland June 11, 2017

You may think creeping liberalism would have reached its limits by now – but you’d be wrong. Coming up on the horizon, there is a term from the world of creeping liberalism so new there is not yet an entry in Wikipedia: 'Burden of Education./ Yet I predict that shortly this will be the newest meme in leftist speech. After all, the usual standbys: “hater,” “denier,” and all the rest, including the preferred meme du jour “White Supremacist” are all getting stale. So, what is “Burden of Education” (“BoE” - properly spelled without a leading “The”)? It is best demonstrated in a comment about the stresses faced by Social Justice Warriors (SJW) these days:........More

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