Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ben Rhodes shills up a glowing 'narrative' for Castrocare

Obama's former deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes would have you think Castrocare will save us.  It's an argument that is easily blown out of the water

By Monica Showalter June 10, 2017

............ Having slid into irrelevance, President Obama's "Mind Meld" Ben Rhodes has gotten busy touting the virtues of President Obama's one-way U.S. rapprochement with communist Cuba, which he was largely behind. On Twitter, Rhodes has started a series of tweets endorsing Castroite propaganda about the wonders of Cuba's medical care system, and how amazingly advanced it supposedly is, citing a new Miami Herald piece that repeats hoary propaganda claims about an overtouted lung cancer vaccine called CIMAvax which had been praised as a panacea previously in 2015 and 2016 during Rhodes' narrative blitz at the time, and still hasn't gotten much traction ..........

The reality is, Cuba's vaunted medical system is so bad even the Castro brothers won't use it. For years, when Fidel Castro was on his last legs, he called in a Spanish doctor to see to his basic needs, on as common a problem as diverticulosis........Castro dumps his country's elderly onto the U.S. to make gringo pay their health costs - because the Cuban system is so inadequate........Is there anything Rhodes does that isn't cynical?............More

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