Friday, June 9, 2017

Farage with Hannity on Terrorism in UK: I Hope Liberal Politicians and Media ‘Crawl Away and Hide’

By Theresa Smith | June 8, 2017

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show on Monday, Sean Hannity spoke with British politician Nigel Farage who said he hopes liberal politicians and media “crawl away and hide, and we don’t hear from them ever again.”
“What we’re not hearing from our leaders is any explanation of how a man, as you said already, appeared on a TV documentary under an ISIS flag was free to walk the streets,” Nigel Farage told Sean Hannity. “That’s point one. And point two: another of these three barbarous, well, ‘losers’ – as the Donald would call them – the third of them was on the Italian suspected terrorist list and yet was able, freely, to come and live in the United Kingdom. And I have to say to all of those in liberal politics and media that think free movement of people in Europe is a good thing, I hope they all crawl away and hide, and we don’t hear from them ever again after this.”

Nigel Farrage and Sean Hannity’s comments come after yet another terror attack in the United Kingdom.......To Read More....

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