Sunday, June 11, 2017

Genderism Destroys Natural and Moral Law

Fay Voshell
The leftist genderist radicals attempting to eliminate the distinction between male and female may have societal breakdown in mind, for certainly, their current insanity will achieve the destruction of Western civilization, built as it has been on the twin foundations of Christianity and science.

Alarmism? Scarcely.

T he whole point of radicals who are leading the transgender movement is to tear down the societal structures that still give meaning to Western civilization in order to create a Brave New World – an insane new world based on untenable abstractions and a sere, reductionist version of "equality" that guarantees that the material entity we know as "man and woman" burns up in the fires of destructive postmodernism.  Differentiation is seen as inherently discriminatory; therefore, destroy the differentiation between male and female, and we will have a more equitable society.............Ms. Singleton has identified one of the most deleterious consequences of radical gender ideology – namely, that it makes an ass of the law. It does so in at least two important ways....... More

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