Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pelosi Questions President Trump’s Fitness, then Lapses into Insanity

By Onan Coca June 9, 2017

Going crazy is not funny. It’s horrible. But in Nancy Pelosi’s case it seems to be fitting.  For months she’s been questioning President Trump’s faculties, his ability to reason, his health, and his mental stability. Sadly, for Pelosi, she’s been simultaneously suffering from her own bouts of brain-farts.
  • She repeatedly calls President Trump, President Bush.
  • She routinely gets simple facts about our nation and world, wrong.
  • She has been regularly butchering the English language and confusing even the most lucid of Americans with her rambling nonsense.
What’s even weirder is, it’s not just her. The same thing has been happening with other anti-Trumpers, like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain.

The one common thread among all of them is their extreme old age. Science teaches us that as we age our abilities (both mental and physical) decline, some slower than others to be sure, but they decline in all of us. So why do voters continue to elect these ancient candidates to the most important of government positions? It’s foolish.

And to prove to you the foolishness of it all, we have a few clips of Pelosi’s continuing fight against total insanity.........To Read More....

My Take - Well, I'm going to be 71 in a few weeks and I will admit I do have memory lapses, but I don't have lapses in logic.  Is age a factor in all of this?  Many times it clearly is, but in the case of these loons I think there's another factor that's come into play. 

Over the years I've seem unending commentaries about how much smarter leftists are than conservatives, and I've even said leftists must be a lot smarter than conservatives because in order to make their insane irrational schemes and ideas seem rational they must have to perform amazing mental gymnastics.  But the problem with that is two fold.  How can anyone remember all the illogical, nonfactual clabber they spew out regularly?  And how can anyone explain the unending contradictions of their views and still seem rational? 

Could anyone work all that into their comments and seem sane? 

Whereas conservatives only have to remember the facts.  If that makes conservatives dumber than leftists - then it's better to be dumb, accurate and right over being brilliant, inaccurate and wrong.  Of course a rational person may conclude being factual is a better sign of intelligence than being a mental gymnast, which must be intellectually, emotionally and physically exhausting. 

So it possible the real problem is they're all just too exhausted to be sane? But no matter what the answer is there is one thing that's sure - none of them have done anything that would make us doubt their membership in the Club For the Galacticly Stupid.

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