Saturday, June 10, 2017

Chimpanzee Legally Declared “Not Human” In New York Court

By Andrew West June 9, 2017

Animal rights activists have a long history of going a little overboard when it comes to protecting this puffball pets. Sure, responsible dog owners will certainly make sure that their pooch is a part of everyday family life.  Cat owners will provide their beloved animal with any number of amenities to keep the fickle felines satisfied, including allowing them to live completely indoors 24/7…restroom breaks and all.  No matter the type of animal you chose to own, you make some sacrifices to keep that pet content.

Some animals rights folks, however, take things too far.

Groups such as the dorky Sea Shepherd organization, headed by Greenpeace dropouts, spend a great many months out of the year harassing legal whalers off the coast of Antarctica simply because they believe that whales and other cetaceans are somehow more sentient than other sea creatures.  PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has been linked to domestic terrorism, and considers owning any pets to be an abusive behavior, even though they euthanized a staggering number of animals in 2016......To Read More....

My Take - What I think is truly telling is the fact this actually made it through the court system to New York's Supreme Court.  Why's that telling?  Because it's a demonstration of the irrational societal paradigms infesting the nation's thinking today. The West - especially Europe - has abandoned the Judaic/Christian values and principles that have been foundational to our society.  The only stable moral foundation the world has known.  What happens when a stable moral foundation is abandoned?  Then everything and nothing is acceptable.  Isn't that what we're seeing all everywhere, especially at America's schools of "higher" education? 

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