Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Accumulation of Vibrations

The international dam of denial concerning the Palestinian role in terrorism may be about to burst

By Shoshana Bryen June 1, 2017

In the movie, the Allied commandos sneak through Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia to the bridge they were assigned to blow up. After the requisite setbacks, our heroes enter the internal machinery of a dam upstream of the bridge and detonate their explosives. Then… nothing. Unperturbed, the explosives expert says, "Wait. It is the accumulation of vibrations that does it." Indeed, the smallish explosion causes cracks; the cracks cause more cracks; water begins to seep through the dam. Then, more water, more pressure, more cracks, more water. The bridge sways, and then collapses with a satisfying crash, sending the Nazi tanks and their crews into the drink.

Friends of Israel have known for years that regardless what the Palestinian Authority (PA) says in diplomatic circles, in truth it rejects the legitimacy of Israel in the region and encourages violence against Israelis. The evidence is easily accessible: the Middle East Research Institute (MEMRI) translates material from across the Arab world into English. NGO Monitor tracks nongovernmental organizations and their support for Palestinian violence and intransigence. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) studies Palestinian society through its media and textbooks.

Those are the vibrations, and in the presence of a blunt American president, they appear to be accumulating. President Trump's White House statement to PA President Mahmoud Abbas laid down an unmistakable American marker:............ More

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