Thursday, June 1, 2017

Unmasking Scandal Gets House Subpoena; Susan Rice Included

By Andrew West May 31, 2017

While the democrats continue to bludgeon us with their bizarre Russian conspiracy theories, they find themselves on the receiving end of some upcoming governmental justice.  During the often contentious, sometimes bizarre election of 2016, Donald Trump was beginning to secretly gather his transition team and cabinet picks so that he could get to work on minute one of day one.  

Of course, this information had to be kept hush-hush, due to the democrats’ love of playing dirty during elections.  Should a name slip here or there, that future Trump advisor would soon be the victim of endless character assassination attempts and history-drudging inquiries in order to give the corrupt Hillary Clinton a better shot at somehow stopping the conservative uprising in America........

Of course, this news has been buried by the mainstream media due to their overwhelming, and frankly pathetic, liberal bias.  The vilification of Obama-era players in the halls of Washington has been a no-no for cable news networks long before Donald Trump sauntered into the Oval Office, and with the Commander in Chief being such an evil figure in liberal lore, those 24 hour “news” networks have barely had any time to report on anyone else........To Read More.......

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