Thursday, May 13, 2021

Chinese County Bans Birthday Parties in ‘Frugality Drive’

Gabrielle Reyes
A county government in southwestern China banned residents from holding birthday parties and other celebrations starting this month as part of a frugality campaign by China’s ruling Communist Party.  The government of Funing county in Yunnan province issued a notice last week announcing that birthday parties, housewarmings, university admission, and graduation celebrations “would all be banned from this month,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on May 12.

The decree also set forth new restrictions on weddings and funerals, “including a ban on cash gifts above 200 yuan (US$31) and ordering that funerals be held within three days of death,” according to the report.  “The directive applies to all communist party members, civil servants and leaders of village organisations,” according to the SCMP.............To Read More.....

My Take - This must be a mistake. China's supposedly doing so well, and trade is skyrocketing.  Right?  So, this must be a misprint.  Right?  Or maybe China's really not doing that well after all?

But, how can that be?  They're a centrally controlled economy, and we know that should work to the best of everyone, after all, we have that for no lesser authorities than Bernie and OAC.  Right?  

Then again, can anyone name a nation that's been successful with central economic planning as the foundation for their economic health?  The mistake we made over the decades was preventing them from taking over the surrounding countries.  Just think how fast they would have collapsed then, unless of course another Nixon came around and bailed them out.


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