Friday, November 2, 2018

Why Jack Bauer Never Went to the Bathroom

24 Hours And No Men's Room

By Josh Bloom — November 28, 2016
 For all of you who think that you're too refined to be rabid fans of 24, please go to PBS, where you can immerse yourself in such delights as "Farm to Table Family" or "Wai Lana Yoga."

While these shows are unquestionably enlightening to those with a more refined palate, the rest of us less-evolved types, who dwell in a different sociocultural universe, tend to have more pedestrian tastes. Rather than art museums and opera, we lean toward simpler pleasures, like professional wrestling and The Walking Dead. (Both are real, by the way.)

Just because I'm low class doesn't mean that I'm dumb, though. For example, the scientist in me has long wondered why, for eight seasons, encompassing a total of 192 hours (1), Jack Bauer never once had to use the men's room. I finally found out, thanks to a paper that was picked up by my news feed: Jack Bauer is not human, at least not entirely. His supernatural abilities can be attributed to genetic modification, and it wasn't even done by Monsanto or the Koch brothers.....To Read More...

My TakeJosh sent this to me yesterday, and I got quite a chuckle out of it, and so too will most of my readers.  I've not posted the entire article because for some reason the pictures won't appear in my browser and I'm sure they're important to the article.  So please read this to the end - I loved the ending!!!!! 

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