Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs

Jihad Porn: Devout French Muslim took SELFIE with beheaded victim *WARNING* - This is what they do. They post their unimaginable savagery online to recruit other Muslims. The devout Muslim who opened fire on children in a Jewish day school in Toulouse, France posted the slaughter of little girls and boys moments after his murderous rampage. It’s what they do. Yassin Salhi sent the selfie using the WhatsApp instant messaging application to a North American phone number, said one of these sources. French delivery business owner Herve Cornara, seen here, was decapitated by jihadi Yassin Salhi, who left his severed head hanging from the fence of a U.S.-owned company near Lyon, police said…
Australian Prime Minister: Islamic State group is ‘coming after us’ - At least one world leader will state the obvious. One. “This is the grim reality the world faces now.”  “Regrettably, as we saw in France, all you need for terrorism these days is a knife, a flag, a camera phone and a victim.” And a head. Here’s the thing: for years my colleagues and I have been warning the West. We work tirelessly to rouse the slumbering masses. We were smeared, booed, hissed, defamed for trying to ward off this war. And still, even today, the campaign of personal attacks and destruction continues, because we oppose Islamic supremacism and jihad.

It never should have come to this…….

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