Sunday, June 14, 2015

How Can Well Educated People Believe Failure is Good?

By Rich Kozlovich

The left has failed to come up with a single policy that can stand the test of time going back approximately 225 years to the French Revolution.  So when we see these same insane policies and philosophies being promoted we need to ask why?  The answer is simple.  The left wishes to destroy the American economy in order to destroy the U.S. Constitution.  That can only lead to one conclusion - they must be insane! 

For over one hundred years the left has been forming a coalition of blacks, Hispanics, radical environmentalists, civil rights activists, homosexuals, celebrities in Hollywood and entertainment, the media, illegal aliens, unions, the chronically unemployed we used to call bums, the startlingly uninformed and under informed, and fellow leftists within the population in general. 

Based on polls and past voting patterns that number probably runs around 45%. 

These leftists will commit any illegality to attain the power they need in order to re-distribute the nation's wealth and turn the United States in to a a totalitarian socialist state claiming that's the only way to bring humanity into a utopian world, devoid of greed and capitalism.  Yet for 225 years all they've delivered is dystopia - misery, disease, suffering, poverty and early death, with greed and tyranny in place of capitalism.  The greatest mass murderers in human history were in the 20th century and those crimes were perpetrated by leftists - Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pot Pol and the left's favorite genocidal maniac - Fidel Castro.   

At some point the insane population will be so large the sane population won’t be able to outvote them.  That will leave the sane with no options except civil disobedience and defiance on a level the left has never seen in this country.  The rule of law will cease to exist leaving zealots to restore the Constitutional rights we now think of as unalienable bestowed on us by Almighty God.  A civil war!  Based on history - if it comes to that I can assure you nothing will ever be the same. 

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