Tuesday, June 23, 2015

American Thinker

So Now I Am Responsible for the Charleston Shooting
Jack Cashill

I had no intention of commenting on the recent shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina church. There were two good reasons why. One was that I have always found it unseemly to exploit a genuine tragedy, especially before the bodies are buried and the event gains some historical perspective.

The second was that the act was so anomalous. In the highly racialized Obama era, there have been several black shooters who turned their wrath on multiple non-black victims – California’s Christopher Dorner, the Navy Yard’s Aaron Alexis, Omar Thornton in Hartford – but I could recall no instance in my lifetime in which a white shooter had done the same to black victims. I was not sure what useful generalization I could pull from so rare a phenomenon.

Alas, the Huffington Post, in the person of veteran propagandist Terry Krepel, forced my hand. In an article published Monday, “Did Right-Wing Media Influence Dylann Roof,” Krepel cites me first and foremost among Roof’s influences. For the record, he also cites WND and the American Thinker....More

William L. Gensert

A hundred years from now, the presidential election of 2016 will be seen as a time when America was at a crucial crossroads in the grand experiment that is the United States. More

Mary C. Michel

The aftermath of the Baltimore riots is notable as a sad tribute to the hopelessness of destructive liberal solutions. More

Christopher Chantrill

For years I've been marveling at the extraordinary discipline of the Democratic Party. For me it started with the Clinton impeachment in 1998. Right through the 2000s it was amazing to experience the Democrats uniformly reciting their talking points and catchphrases from what seemed to be the same email. Then there was ObamaCare and Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to have absolute control of the Democratic members. Dozens of moderates like Bart Stupak walked the plank for the good of the party.

How do they do it, I wondered? How do they tell their rebels to stuff it? Who tells them “you'll never work in this town again?” Well, now Peggy Noonan has told us why and how. She talked to a Republican opposition researcher about Democratic Party discipline. Said he:

“As an upstairs-downstairs party, the upstairs is a fairly concentrated place. The Democrats as the ‘in’ party -- the party of Silicon Valley and academia -- has interlocking pools of money, brains and talent.” When they turn on you, it is like facing “the Death Star.” And “on top of that, you have the Clintonian tropism toward score settling and vengeance. What you have in the end is discipline.”

Any questions?

On top of that is the basic difference between the two parties. The Republican Party is a party of ideas; the Democratic Party is a party of interest...More

(My Take - So then the answer for discipline in a political party is to mimic a criminal organization. Did I understand that correctly? Can someone explain to me the difference between this and the Mafia, or even better yet......ISIS?)

Paul Austin Murphy
David Cameron attacks the radicalization of British Muslims... finally. More

Richard Winchester
This strongly supported fact should make us think very carefully about entrusting Democrats with control of our armed forces. More

Michael Curtis
Britain has taken the lead in presenting ideas to counter extremist views and terrorist actions. More


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