Monday, November 26, 2012

You Can't Secede...Because We're Exiling You!

Once again we come to you as the humble messenger and past predictor of today's major issues!  On January 20th of this year we penned an article entitled, "Forced Expatriation Coming to the USSA".  In it we stated, "We can clearly see that the United Soviet States of America is putting in place the necessary tools to be able to strip whoever it likes of the so-called 'privilege' of being a US citizen."  And, yet again, it looks as though it is coming to pass.  With the massive influx of personal petitions to secede from the USSA, many right wing thought leaders have lashed out and are now petitioning for a process wherein anyone who signs a petition to secede is stripped of their US citizenship and deported…. To Read More….. 

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