Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Class Envy Kills

By Deborah Weiss November 27, 2012 Comments (3)

A devoted mother of three on Manhattan’s posh Upper West Side, came home one evening to find that two of her beloved children suffered a gruesome murder by the family’s trusted nanny.  Emerging facts indicate that class envy may have been the motive.  On Thursday, October 25, 2012, Marina Krim took her 3 year old daughter Nessie to a swimming lesson.  The nanny, Joselyn Ortega (age 50), was supposed to meet them at a dance studio afterwards with Marina’s two other children, Lulu, age 6, and Leo, age 2.  When they didn’t show up, Marina became worried and returned to the apartment……..Marina returned to the apartment, turned on the lights and found nobody in the living room or the bedrooms.  Finally, she turned on the bathroom light to discover the most horrific sight imaginable to a mother: her two children had been stabbed to death, apparently by the nanny.  Both were lying in the bathtub, fully dressed, and drenched in a pool of blood.  Lulu suffered slashes around her neck, multiple stabs to her stomach and defensive wounds to her arms, indicating that the 6 year old had attempted to stave off the knife.  Leo, who had only recently had his second birthday, had two slashes across his throat.…. Her apparent notions of entitlement and fairness echo those on the left who perceive that life is supposed to result in financially equal outcomes for all...To Read More…..

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