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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What the Survivor Tree at Ground Zero Can Teach Us

After visiting the 9/11 Memorial for the first time last week, I can’t get the Survivor Tree out of my mind. I keep wondering, what stories might it tell us that would inform and inspire our lives now?  Of course the tree itself has an uplifting story. Planted at the eastern edge of the original World Trade Center plaza in the 1970s, workers found it damaged and “reduced to an eight-foot-tall stump” in the wreckage at Ground Zero. It was moved to a New York City park and nurtured back to health – that’s 30 feet strong. In December 2010 it was returned to the WTC site and sits to the west of the south pool (representing the fallen South Tower).  To Read More....

Editor's Note:  This tree was totally uprooted by the destruction of the Twin Towers. I had not read or heard about this, and since I am a news junkie I have to wonder why.  I can only think that it just hasn't been played out in the news.  Unfortunate!  It is a great story.  One of my accounts told me about this yesterday.  They took the children to NYC for Thanksgiving and went to Ground Zero in order for the kids to see and understand what happened.  She said the tree was absolutely beautiful.    I could tell by the way she talked about it that this was just the highlight of the trip for her. 

Best wishes to all. 

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