Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Euro debt crisis saps EU's ability to lead climate debate


The EU's debt crisis has sapped its ability to lead the way in global climate talks, which began in Doha on Monday, and build on a fragile victory it clinched a year ago.The European Union is one of the few to have promised to sign up to a second emissions-cutting period under the Kyoto process, the only international pact on tackling climate change.  But European Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard's drive to keep Europe at the vanguard of the global effort has been sabotaged at home and abroad by the debt crisis, which has drained energy or inclination for anything else……

·         Green campaigners and politicians say Europe and everyone else is losing the chance to invest in sustainable growth and to slow the pace of global warming while there is time.
·         The European Union needs "to wake up from the slumber it has been in for the past few years,"
·         "The EU Commission's proposal to suspend the enforcement of the emissions trading system for flights outside the EU is a major source of regret,"
·         Europe and the rest of the world, she says, must not use economic and financial crisis as "an excuse for inaction".
·         "The world is losing precious time," she said in a statement ahead of the two weeks of talks in the Qatari capital Doha. "Doha must build on the breakthrough we achieved in Durban.

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My Take – It is amazing!  These people spew out nonsense and it is published as if it was wisdom.  This isn’t a wasted opportunity for ‘sustainable’ investments; it’s a formula for disaster.  And they are waking up; they are awaking to the fact that ‘green’ is a financial disaster; that global warming is a fraud; and that economics is what makes the world work.  And why is it that everything is a “do it now don’t think about it” issue with the greenies.  As for a new breakthrough; the only breakthrough the EU and the rest of the world needs is to dump these greenie loons, before they kill us all.

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