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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Obscenity of Hamas

Bernard-Henri Levy, Nov 20, 2012

The group came to power not by the ballot box but by violence. Now its leaders are playing a cynical and deadly game. Bernard-Henri Lévy on why Israel has every right to defend itself.

Let’s put things straight.  The Israel Defense Forces left Gaza unilaterally and unconditionally in 2005, at then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s initiative. Since that time, there has been no Israeli military presence in the territory, which has been, for the first time in history, under Palestinian control.

The people who govern the territory, who, by the way, arrived on the scene in June 2007 not by the ballot box but by violence, following several months of bloody conflict with other Palestinians, no longer have, with respect to the former occupying power… has no purpose beyond the destruction of the “Zionist entity,” is a strategy that one can only describe as open-ended war.    And when Israel finally realized this, when its leaders decided to break with months of restraint during which they had put up with conditions that no other world leader ever would have tolerated— (The Silence from the left has been deafening - but now they are finally outraged  - but at who? Read on!  RK)….To Read More…..

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