Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Inevitability of Reality

By Rich Kozlovich,

I know a lot of time that has passed since the world became afflicted with the madness of Global Warming, so most have probably forgotten the hysterical claims made by the greenies. Their big thing was that we were running out of “fossil” fuels so we needed to dump oil, coal and natural gas and adopt "renewable" energy sources. I know, I’re about to say….no, no, no…it was about the world becoming too hot because of too much CO2 in the atmosphere, and those energy sources were the cause. Baloney! If there wasn’t concern about an end to those resources this wouldn’t have gotten off the ground. That was the reason for promoting wind, solar and bio-fuels as energy sources. All of which are a disaster.

I know that no one will remember, but many years ago I said that I thought it was a wonderful idea for the Euro-nuts (who, with smug arrogance, denigrated the U.S. for not jumping on board with them in their lemming like approach to economics) to adopt these green policies. Why? Because I knew it would be good for our economy. Green is expensive and ineffective. Green, as outlined by the environmental movement, is a death wish to any country that adopts it, and this includes the rich and the poor nations.

Now we see that Germany has fired its Environmental minister who was “responsible for the implementation of the green energy transition – one of the most important projects of this country,” because he presumably “botched” the whole thing leading to losses in an election. Don’t you love it? It’s just like the Soviet Union under Stalin. Do you remember the five year plans that all failed? They failed because the people running them were flawed; not “the plan” mind you, because ‘the plan’ was flawless. It was the people running "the plan: that were flawed; so he shot them… and appointed others (who must have really been happy about that) to run “the plan”! Now we know "the plan" had to be flawless because Stalin liked “the plan”, so any “plan’ approved by Stalin was flawless. Of course they eventually dumped all “the plans”. Why? Is it because these “plans” were all stupid? No…of course not. They just couldn’t find anyone to master these planned pieces of brilliance (that kept failing) so they dropped them. Please read "Let Me Tell You About Trofim Denisovich Lysenko".

However, I am inclined to believe that the real reason Merkel fired her friend is based on “a recent study estimates that the Germans will soon have to reckon with dramatic price rises in their electricity bills. According to the study, electricity cost for households will doubled in ten years. The rising costs are due to the expansion of renewable energy as well as the necessary grid expansion and the subsidisation of solar and wind power.” “Electricity prices in Germany will rise by 70 percent by the year 2025 according to a study.” But “the plan” was flawless….it just didn’t work...and they need a scapegoat!  He's it!

Now we find that the Brits are going to review their “Green Deal” just because a paltry 8.5 million people can’t afford their energy bills. Imagine that! Another arrogant group who criticized us for our insane idea that the world wasn’t warming beyond anything that was normal and that CO2 wasn’t a problem after all.

Canada,under the previous government, was a big supporter of global warming initiatives, and the current leaders were also on board. Then reality stepped in as “the global economy melted down, public concern about climate change plunged. At the same time, and to the same extent, the prominence of climate change in government communications also plunged.” “In December, 2009, in Copenhagen Canada [agreed to cut] emissions by 17 per cent from the 2005 levels by 2020. It later formally scrapped Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, which had committed this country to much steeper reductions.” I guess the price of energy really is the beginning of wisdom.

Now we have a bunch of nitpickers fighting over the “Duration Of ‘Kyoto 2′ Threatens Rift At UN Climate Talks”. They are disputing “over the length of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol has threatened to fracture a coalition between the EU and some of the world’s poorest countries at the latest round of U.N. climate talks….” This is all horse sweat. They don’t want an agreement because the world isn’t warming any longer and the ‘World Is Running Out Of Energy Scares”! It turns out that “methane hydrates constitute the world’s No. 1 reservoir of fossil fuel. Ubiquitous along vast stretches of Earth’s continental shelves, they hold enough natural gas to fuel the world for a thousand years – and beyond.”  Let's face it....Kyoto agreements are an economic disaster  for any country that adopts them....and for what?  The world isn't warming and CO2 wasn't the cause of the small amount of warming that did occur over the last 150 years.  Get over it!

So in conclusion we now know we have enough oil and coal to last at least 200 years and the amount of natural gas that has become available is so large that the vastness of that quantity is virtually unknown.  Now we find that there is so much energy in another resource that we are now energy independent worldwide. We just need to go and get it. So why do we need another Kyoto? We don’t need another one any more than we needed the first one.  There is one catch to this though.  Since the scheme to impose worldwide emissions standards, which Jaques Chirac called 'the first step in global governance', has clearly failed, the next effort is, and has been for decades, to give the United Nations authority over the world's oceans by way of the LOST treaty(Editor's Note:  Please follow this link.  This is an article that needs to be read!  RK)

We need to really get this. There were those who knew this was inevitable from the beginning of these scares. There were those of us who knew this as a gigantic fraud from early on. There are those who are finally realizing it now. And then there are those who still think that Stalin wasn’t really a bad guy after all. He just needed another plan!

The planners are always with us. What I find particularly appalling is that none of them seem to have ever done anything except plan….other people’s lives.


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